Immigration Law

Crossings Immigration Lawyers

Crossings Immigration Consultants Inc.

Crossings’ immigration team of lawyers can assist with:

  1. Appealing your matter to the Federal Court
  2. Appealing your matter to the Federal Court of Appeal
  3. Any of the items which are listed under the Crossings Immigration Consultants Inc. column (if you wish to have a lawyer deal with the matter, instead of a consultant).

Crossings immigration consultants can assist you with:

  1. Divorces for Outside of Canada Marriages  
  2. Family Sponsorships including spousal sponsorships (married, common law, conjugal – outside of Canada only etc.), and dependent children  
  3. Work Permits and Study Permits  
  4. Temporary Resident Visas for Applicants inside Canada (Designed for individuals inside Canada with a pending immigration matter looking to travel outside of Canada.)
  5. Visitor Visas from outside of Canada
  6. Working Holiday Visas
  7. U.S. Waiver Applications
  8. Record Suspension
  9. Applications on Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds
  10. Application for Permanent Residence
  11. Express entry profile
  12. Permanent Residence Application
  13. Recognition of Outside of Canada Divorce / Section 22 of the Divorce Act Application
  14. Annulments
  15. Implied Status Letter
  16. Letter to Alberta Health Services, Registry