Real Estate Law

Often times, the first big purchase a family wants to make when immigrating to Canada is a home. We are here to work with you and real estate professionals to ensure that your real estate transactions are completed efficiently, effectively and courteously.

We can work with you for transactions throughout Alberta and notarial services for out-of-province transactions.


Investing in homes and properties is the single largest transaction many people will ever make. Throughout the process, there are many details to consider—especially when or a mortgage or line of credit is part of the equation.

Our lawyers have dealt with all kinds of lenders—from big banks to mortgage companies, credit unions, and private lenders. We understand the stipulations of these institutions and will guide you through the process. Our professionals can also help with re-financing.


There are complications and difficulties that may arise when conducting cash transactions for homes and properties. We have the experience to work help you navigate these obstacles in your new acquisition.


We apply our expertise to your relationship with your realtor and insurance company to facilitate a smooth transaction.


Whether you are adding a spouse to title, removing a co-signor, changing titles for estate planning, or making changes to the legal title to your owned property, we can advise and prepare you with required documentation.

We have the expertise to advise you in your process of changing ownership or titles—especially if mortgages are involved. We also possess knowledge of different forms of ownership and how they influence your estate planning.


We will always review and investigate titles of properties being purchased, property taxes ,and other details adjusted at closing to ensure that the obligations of the seller and your rights as a buyer are addressed.

If you have any questions throughout the process, you can always meet with your lawyer to have your concerns addressed with comprehensive advice.

Our paralegals and lawyers are available to respectfully answer your questions throughout the process—and following your transaction. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, concerns or inquiries.

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